What I’m doing now

My main focus these days is on my role as a business operations fellow at Madriska, Inc. I’m learning everything I possibly can about what it takes to run a software development agency, working with the team I’ve partnered with for over a decade.

My day-to-day consists of a nice blend of collaborating with clients, bringing in new work, doing product design, business analysis, project management, team leadership and training, etc. Basically all the non-code parts of software development… which are the things I enjoy most.

Beyond that, I’m still slowly moving Practicing Ruby along, and I have a few articles left to write for O’Reilly Ideas before my contract wraps up there.

Outside of work, I’m practicing Ukulele every day–this is my first serious attempt at learning how to play an instrument and I’ve found it to be very relaxing, even if my progress is slow.

There’s a lot more I want to do this year, but because last year was overwhelming, I’m staying focused so that I can make steady progress. So far, that seems to be working!

If my activities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was in February 2017.