What I’m doing now

Although I’ve spent the last couple years in a training and leadership role in an agency setting, I’m now putting 100% of my focus on rebuilding my solo business.

A few things I’m currently doing in my client work:

  • Helping small businesses with process and workflow design as well as building the technical tooling around it. Things like inventory management, billing systems, and other mundane-but-essential stuff that exists behind the scenes in any company.
  • Working on technical documentation for companies that have ambitious and clever ideas but need some help telling their story. (Things like handbooks, white papers, etc.)
  • Providing high level advisory work and training for companies of all sizes that are looking to grow their technical teams. I’m taking an end-to-end approach to this problem, everything from “How to write a job description” to “How to build an apprenticeship program.”

If any of this stuff would be helpful to you, consider working with me. My availability through August is limited, but in the later months of the year my schedule is fairly open.

Although you’d need to squint to see the common thread, my main goal is to bootstrap my business to the point where I can focus on the project that has always been a dream of mine: To create an affordable, sustainable trade school that is capable of training software developers within two years with no experience requirements beyond a high school level education.

It will take me a decade to get there, so the part of that massive undertaking I’m doing now is mostly figuring out how to build the necessary foundation that’ll enable me to give that work my full focus within the next 2-3 years.

I also have a bunch of other stuff going on around products and services that are in various stage of brewing in the back of my mind, but I’m trying to wait until I have time to act on those things to talk more about them.

If my activities change, I’ll update this page. Last update was in July 2017.