The steep climb

The last few weeks have taught me that if you create a long term plan that assumes you’ll be on mostly even terrain, a single mountain on your path can invalidate everything.


We live in a world of embarrassing overconsumption and waste. In such a world, if you can master the art of frugality, you will have a tremendous advantage.

DDD Notes, Preface

Today I finally cracked open the Domain Driven Design book, from Eric Evans. Sifting through the preface of a textbook can be a tedious exercise, and the DDD book was no exception. It’s not that the information in there isn’t interesting or valuable, it’s that it rarely makes much sense when you first begin reading […]


One continuous source of conflict for me is the tension between seeing myself as “a whole person” while also balancing my many different goals, roles, and responsibilities. I’ve started to realize that in order to sharpen my focus, I need to start intentionally designing some distinct buckets to pour my efforts into. These can’t be […]


We often talk about the importance of focused work. We rarely talk about the relationship between focus and blur. That makes me feel uneasy, so let’s discuss it. In order to focus on a handful of specific things, you need to be able to blur out countless other things. The unfortunate truth is that although […]