# What I'm Doing Now

I'm currently focusing on building out my coaching service for software developers. Part of that effort will be to keep improving this website over the coming weeks and months, as time permits.

I am also doing some web development and technical writing work for a handful of great clients.

(Email gregory@practicingdeveloper.com if you need something built!)

I am writing tons of notes on how I work and what I'm learning, and I'm hoping to share those in some form or another later this year.

As for specific learning goals, I'm trying to improve my frontend web development skills and my UI/UX design skills. Having worked on a lot of internal business applications over the last couple decades, I did not need to prioritize those skills, but now it is time for me to fill in those gaps.

Outside of work, I am practicing classical guitar. I go to monthly lessons at the Neighborhood Music School, and am working my way through Books 1-3 of Julio S. Sagreras Guitar Lessons.

I have been trying to get in better physical shape, and have been doing daily workouts with the Ring Fit as a way to get some exercise in over the winter.

If my activities and interests change, I will update this page.

Last updated: Jan 2020, Last reviewed: Jan 2020

This page is inspired by a good idea from Derek Sivers