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#008 – Algorithmic pressure

I don’t want to bore you with a think piece on algorithmic content curation in social media. But the more I spend time away from places like Twitter, the more it is on my mind.

Field Notes #005

After so many years of writing with a very specific audience in mind, it’s time for me to spend some time writing (and publishing) whatever the hell I feel like, at least for a few weeks. 

Field Notes #004

On “Systematizing all the things” by starting from the bottom up and making tiny incremental improvements.

Field Notes #003

Don’t just “plan the work and work the plan”, also reflect continuously on the purpose that your plans and work are meant to serve.

Field Notes #002

On dealing with the gap times you inevitably encounter when doing focused heads down work, and how to make use of them without breaking your flow.

Field Notes #001

On the different feelings that come along with different kinds of work, and how to change your mood to fit the work you need to get done.