Hi, I’m Gregory Brown.

My career has been built around the idea that there is no meaningful separation between technology, business, and human needs.

If you’re a Ruby developer, you may know me from my work on PrawnPDF, Practicing Ruby, and Ruby Best Practices (2009). Or that completely free code school I built and ran for a couple years before code schools were a thing. 🙂

I’ve also spent the last decade working with a small software development agency that focuses on solving tough business problems in many different industries.

Last year, I wrote Programming Beyond Practices, which shows by example why I believe that coding is only 10% of a practicing developer’s work. You can buy the book from O’Reilly, or via Amazon.

To know what my current activities are, you can check out my now page–or just keep an eye on what I post in my personal blog.

I’m also very interested in hearing about what you are working on, and what challenges you’re facing. So please catch up with me over Twitter (DMs welcome and open to all) or email, and let me know how I can help!