My reading list for the winter

This winter, I want to spend a bit more time on dedicated learning and practice, so I’m making it my goal to work through these three books:

1) Domain Driven Design, by Eric Evans.

Why? I feel like I’ve always had a semi-decent intuitive sense for domain modeling, but have not really studied the topic formally. I’ve heard good things about DDD and want to read one of the original sources on it rather than skim a bunch of blog posts.

2) The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman.

Why? Because I’ve reached the point in my career where I spend much more time working on business problems than coding problems. I’ve already read a ton of business books on specific topics, but this 10,000 foot view seems like a good tool for me to pinpoint specific things I should study more.

3) Made to Stick, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.

Because I’ve developed my writing and communications skills primarily through trial and error, and although I think my raw materials are often strong and that experience has taught me a thing or two, there are many straightforward tactics that I’ve simply never spent time practicing, and that probably creates some needless friction around sharing and spreading my ideas.

I usually am just exploring/toying with things in my daily learning time, so when I say that I plan to study something, I mean something much stronger than that. I mean that I’ll be looking for as many opportunities as possible to put the ideas from these books into practice, and also to share what I’ve learned from them with others.

If you’ve read any of these books (or want to), feel free to catch up with me and discuss them. I know I learn best when I have someone else to bounce ideas off of. 🙂

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