Future tense

There is something I learned quite a while ago and it really stuck: there’s no such thing as wanna do or gonna do… there’s only what you do and what you don’t do.


And so I’ve gotten pretty good at accepting the idea that if there’s something in the future you’re chasing after, you damn well better be chasing after it in your actions rather than just in your thoughts and words.

But I still have an Achilles’ Heel: I tend to jump quickly into future mode while leaving present matters unattended to. And when I do that, I can sort of claw and scratch my way into a better future, but it doesn’t come easy.

The present sucks, usually. Because the present is the accumulation of past decisions that stand in the way of a bright future, and it’s also where all the unplanned surprises happen. But every future moment in time will be the present sooner or later, so it pays to think about how to arrive there with as little debt is possible (where debt can be unfinished work, financial debt, tech debt, you name it.)

The future is full of um… whatever the hell is in the picture above. And that’s glorious. But the present has some trash that needs to be taken out to the curb, and that’s pretty important, too.

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